Assignment 2 -First Post

Clean & Happy Soap is brick and mortar store with a full functional online website. Clean & Happy is a company producing bath and body products specializing on natural handmade soaps, lotions, shower gels, lip balms and products for pets. The Clean & Happy company is producing natural and organic products that does not include any harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients. The company has one brick and mortal store but their online purchases are 60% higher than in store purchases. The store functions more as a marketing outlet where customers can experience the products before buying online. The store is equipped with multiple testing stations were customers can experience the products. There are multiple sinks where customers can wash their hands and use the soaps and other products.
The brick and mortar store is a two-story building. The store also functions as a headquarters for the company where the CEO and the leadership team operates and making decisions. The company’s infrastructure is located in the store-office on the second floor. The company is focusing on being local and is very involved with local organizations and charities.
With the store having much higher online presence it is important for the company to develop an information source for their customers to announce new products, events and to have a great channel for the customer feedback. The company decided to develop a blog website.
The community of the store are usually health conscious people that are living a healthy life style and choosing products that are free of harsh chemicals and good for their bodies. These people are usually choosing healthy foods and they search for healthy body care. They are interested in new healthy products and researching the best ingredients, best food and exercise to stay healthy and energetic. These customers are mostly cooking at home and are interested in new healthy recipes.
The blog that Clean & Happy company will create should be relevant to the customers. Most of the customers are health conscious people so the team decided to create a blog that would provide information on the healthy living. The blog will include recipes for the vegetarian and non-vegetarian healthy foods. It will also cover the benefits of different foods, essential oils, and herbs. The blog will include detailed description for selected essential oils and how it can benefit the body. The blog will also talk about each of Clean & Happy products and how the ingredients can benefit the body. Since the blog will be focused on the healthy living, it will also produce daily exercise suggestions for different parts of the body. The customers will gain the inside into how to support and maintain healthy living and how Clean & Happy products can help their well-being. The Communication Analyst will be posting approved content and responding to the bloggers’ questions. The blog will also offer multiple questioners to gain customer insights on their favorite items. The Analyst will be gathering the customer feedback and report this information to the Marketing Manager. The collected data will be synthesized and presented in the dashboard format so the leadership team can make an educated decision.
The typical blog user will be a user in the age range of 25-35 that is trying to create a healthy environment for themselves and their families. The challenge that the user has is to find a website that has a quick but healthy recipe that could be cooked after work. The Clean & Happy blog will provide a source for delicious recipes that are easy and quick to cook. The recipes will be available online with easy to download feature that the user can take with them while grocery shopping. All ingredients will be clearly listed and could be marked as checked for the convenient shopping.
Use Case Name: Find a Healthy Recipe. Actor: Healthy Living blogger user. Trigger: the user indicates that the user would like to find healthy recipes. Use Case: The customer is looking for a recipe to cook for the family. The user indicates in the selection that the recipe should include vegetables, chicken and sweet potato. The user also selected that the recipe should not take more than 1 hour to prepare. Based on this selection the system provided several options that were previously posted on the blog. The user selected the desired recipe and selected it to favorites. While shopping the user was able to check all the ingredients as purchased and receive a reminder for what is still missing. After purchasing all ingredients, the user was ready to cook the selected meal.
The typical blog user will be a user in the age range of 20-30 that is curious of how essential oils could be used in cosmetic and body care products. The user loves to experience the different scents of soaps, bath bombs and essential oils. The challenge for the user is that the user does not have a good source that would explain what each ingredient is used for and how each ingredient is benefiting the skin and body. The Clean & Happy blog will create the posts that will address these challenges and will post daily the topics on benefits of essential oils and their effect on the skin and body. It will also post company’s products that includes that type of essential oil and will create the convenience for the customers to purchase the products.
Use Case Name: Find Essential Oils Benefits. Actor: Healthy Living blogger user. Trigger: the user indicates that the user would like to find an essential oil that would help with sleep and relaxation. Use Case: the customer is looking for the essential oils that promotes relaxation and benefits the sleep. The user will have a selection of conditions to select from. The user will find the section for stress and sleep issues and the system will produce the list of different essential oils that will benefit the condition such as Lavender essential oil. Once the user locates the desired essential oil, they can select it and read about the benefits and how to use it. They also will have an opportunity to purchase the essential oil by directing the user to the Clean & Happy store.
The blog will benefit the Clean & Happy company in several ways. The blog will create an awareness of the company and will assist with marketing efforts. The users who are looking for the healthy living information can find company’s products on the blog. While the users are benefiting from the information, they will learn about the company’s products and might become potential clients.
The blog can provide the company with customer insights. The customer will be encouraged to leave the feedback and suggestions for the company on the current products and future products that they might want to see. This will allow the company to learn what their customers would like to see and develop new products to satisfy the costumer’s needs. This will create a competitive advantage for the company and increase sales.
The users will benefit from the blog since they will have a useful information on healthy living that they can use in their daily life. Once the users experience the convenience of locating easy to cook healthy recipes, they will return to the blog for additional recipes and health living recommendations.